We were Farmers first

Our first crop of Hemp was back in 2014. As one of the first in Colorado with a CDA license to grow hemp, we strived to find ways to help the industry get going.

Since then we have learned some and taken some hard knocks along the way. 

One of the most important tasks we and the industry have is to "teach the teachers," by sharing information and best practices.

Hemp Seed Oil Processing


Having the right processing equipment for each end product is critical to everyone's success. 

Over the years we have tested many different equipment manufacturers  (the source of many hard knocks), in our R&D processing center. This testing helps us understand what works, and more importantly what doesn't,  while striving for the best quality products we can possibly create.

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We are developing an ever growing line of packaged products ready so people and their animals can take advantage of hemp's benefits. 

Our two primary categories of products are Hemp Feed and Hemp Food

We have wholesale products available for distribution, trainers, feed and other retail stores.

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